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​OpenFMB PlugFest 2.0
Detailed Agenda​​​​

The OpenFMB Message Bus (OpenFMB) standard was ratified by the North American Energy Standards Board for grid energy interoperability and a key enabler for distributed intelligence in electric utility power systems initially in 2016 an then again in 2020.​

In October, UCA will be hosting its 2nd PlugFest in Charlotte, North Carolina USA.  Its objectives are to validate vendor interoperability with the latest DER and cybersecurity features, while sharing use cases an lessons learned to drive broader industry adoption of Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB) solutions.

The OpenFMB data model supports grid edge assets based on IEC 61850 and CIM.  However, a lot has happened since the last PlugFest.  It was recently​ extended to include advanced Distributed Energy Resource (DER) functionality for Grid Codes based on IEEE 1547.  It is time once again for stakeholders to come together to test, collaborate and plan as it relates to the OpenFMB standard.
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High-Level Agenda
  • ​Multi-vendor interoperability Demo
  • Keynote Speaker and OpenFMB users group program updates
  • Case studies presented by various leading utilities resulting in successes and/or requests to the group
  • Early adoper vendors highlighting their current capabilities and their understanding of where the industry is heading
  • Highlights of researcing and testing occurring in this area by multiple DOE labs
  • Interactive Breakout sessions on 2023 roadmap/priorities
  • Compliance & Testing Support for devices (optional)
  • Tour of Duke Energy Mount Holly microgrid​
  • Detailed Agenda

Value to PlugFest Attendees
  • ​Learn about the benefits that OpenFMB offers in managing various grid solutions (e.g., microgrids, DERs, EVs) for utilities and broader society
  • Obtain models for setting up and managing grid-connected devices
  • Examine how to choose technology and development partners
  • Meet and network with partners in the OpenFMB ecosystem, including utilities, vendors, national laboratories, etc.
Who Should Attend PlugFest?
  • Businesses, institutions and communities looking to use OpenFMB to maximize the benefits of assets and other connected devices to the distribution grid
  • Innovators, developers, utilities, technology and engineering firms working in the space of production, delivery and/or consumption of energy at the distribution level
  • Energy leaders shaping the utility industry
  • Policymakers and regulators
  • Cybersecurity specialists seeking the latest information on protecting grid assets
  • Equipment and service providers looking to gain or expand​ their footprint in the growing field of microgrids, DERs, EVs, etc.
If you are a novice or an expert, this meeting will provide a forum to learn more about OpenFMB and to network with industry colleagues.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022  - Thursday, October 6, 2022

Duke Energy Training Center
1900 N. Main Street​
Mount Holly, NC  28120​
52A Ervin Street
Belmont, NC  28012​

​ ​​Early Bird | June 1 - July 31, 2022
​​Current UCA Member $400.00 / participant
​​​Non-Member $500.00 / participant
Standard Rate | August 1 - September 15, 2022
​​​Current UCA Member ​$500.00 / participant
​​Non-Member ​$600.00 / participant

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